London Tourist Attractions

Tourists find London vibrant and captivating, as both mystery and rush of this city make it unique among the many capitals of European countries and around the world. Here are some of the main tourist attractions in London you might want to keep in mind for whenever you decide to visit.

Visiting London museums is compulsory if you wish to make the most of your stay. The British Museum, founded in 1753 hosts spectacular artefacts like mummies and sculptures. The Natural History Museum is the place to be if you are a fan of dinosaurs, as you can get to meet the 26 meters long diplodocus.

Travel through the past 300 years of continuous technological progress by stepping into The Science Museum and take a peek at various types of gadgets and electronical devices built throughout the centuries.

You might also want to admire the accurate wax replicas of famous historical and contemporary figures when stopping by at Madame Tussauds or indulge yourself with visual delights at Tate Modern, the well-known art gallery with a permanent free exhibition.

London is one of the many homes of art, therefore you can find loads of exhibitions and galleries waiting to be admired. Victoria and Albert Museum focuses on visual and handmade art, also hosting astonishing pieces of jewellery and glass objects.

Did you know London is also the home of the world’s oldest portrait gallery? Painting, sculpture, photography and video await among the fascinating displays of the National Portrait Gallery. Moreover, most museums do not charge visitors, so you can make the most of your London experience!

If you are more of an adventurer, The Merlin Entertainments London Eye will grant you access to London’s most spectacular views within 40 kilometres, as it is one of the world’s largest observation wheels and also the largest one in Europe.

The Tower of London dates almost 900 years back and is even said to be guarded and haunted by ghostly spirits. Its story is genuinely fascinating, as the Tower is known to have been a prison in its tumultuous past… why not check out those spooky mysteries yourself?

London is almost impossible to be entirely discovered in a single journey. Open-top buses are a fast and comfortable sightseeing alternative, usually offered along with a guided walking tour and a free cruise on Thames. As a tourist, you are granted countless opportunities to fit any schedule and budget!