London City Guide

Welcome to London!

Let’s make our way through this wonderful, vibrant city and take good care, as it is incredibly easy to get lost. So, you’ve just arrived to the airport. What next?

First of all, there are four airports in London: Heathrow, home of the most important airlines, followed up by Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

Heathrow is connected to the city centre by Piccadilly subway, which will probably make you feel a bit uncomfortable, as trains are quite narrow and do not really allow free movement. Also, maps in subway stations are not always geographically accurate, therefore you are strongly encouraged to purchase a city guide or even use GPS.

You will be surprised to see London is cosmopolitan, as you will meet people of various nationalities and ethnicities. A low percentage of British individuals choose to live in London, unlike other areas of the United Kingdom.

The city is known for its narrow streets allowing, however, a very fluid traffic. Speaking of traffic, let’s point out a few things a tourist should know about bus routes. Bus, as well as subway tickets’ prices vary according to the distance of your travel. Buses usually take very short routes, so expect getting in and off several vehicles if you plan on travelling from the city centre to suburbs, for example.

Sightseeing is one of the most exciting parts of visiting London. From the famous Big Ben to the London Eye, make sure your camera will run out of memory, as you will definitely want to remember this journey!

What’s more, most cultural institutions like museums do not usually charge their visitors. You can enjoy an exciting cultural experience while visiting The British Museum and National Galleries, as well as getting acquainted to real-sized wax replicas of world’s most famous people at Madame Tussauds.

Saint Charles Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are representative to the British culture and history and should be part of any tourist’s itinerary. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace is also one of the main tourist attractions, try not to miss it!

If you plan on taking nocturnal walks, you should probably reconsider this choice or take trusted, well lit and guarded routes. Public parks are not an option, since gates are always locked around 11 PM for security reasons.

London is a wonderful place to be, as rush and vibration will ensnare your senses and make you wish to return!